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How do dive pro's make diving look so easy? It comes from experience, knowledge and techniques.  In this FREE eBook you will learn Tec's top ten tips for diving like a pro. You will find everything from specific behaviors to skills themselves. These pro tips have been created to help you dive better, easier and safer by teaching you:

  • What is the top skill dive professionals master.
  • What behaviors dive professionals do to make diving easier and safer.
  • How you can grow in your diving skills and knowledge.

About the Author, Tec Clark

Tec Clark has trained litterally thousands of divers and scuba instructors for nearly 30 years. He is a former national scuba training agency director, author, speaker, and currently directs the Academic Diving Program at Nova Southeastern University. With that level of expertise, Tec has been teaching these pro tips and techniques with amazing results.

Tec is passionate about diver education, safety, and freediving.  He is a husband and father of two children who are absolute "water babies" themselves.  Tec can often be found with his family  freediving off of Fort Lauderdale where they reside.