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How to Select the Best Scuba Class

When deciding to take a scuba class, the non-diver has very limited insight as to what to look for in selecting the right scuba class for him or her. Many people select the cheapest and/or quickest scuba class, but that can be a big mistake. Here we will explain in great detail the areas to consider when … Continue Reading...

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How to Defog a Diving Mask

Why Does a Mask Fog? First, what is happening when a mask "fogs"? Simply put the "fogging" effect you see on the inside of the mask is condensation. That condensation is present due to the water vapor in the air … Continue Reading...

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We just migrated to a new system.  Please allow us a couple days to be under construction as we build and post content to our new site! Thank you, Tec Clark … Continue Reading...